Split V Ducted System Air Conditioning | The Pros and Cons | Twin Lakes Air + Solar

So you’re sitting on the couch. The ice in your drink has melted. The Bureau of Meteorology Facebook page is telling you it is the hottest month on record. You hear the cicadas getting louder and louder, you think to yourself “I need an air conditioner”.

“But what type?” you may ask. It is a very common question for anyone considering air conditioning for their home. Ducted and split system air conditioners are by far the two most popular systems. On the surface most people think they do the same thing – “they both cool and heat your home right?”. Well, yes. But, there are distinct differences between these two systems. The more you research the systems – the clearer the differences become.

Research on the internet can be difficult. There are so many sources and conflicting information. You may also just end up watching videos of people dropping ice creams on YouTube. So. We’ve compiled some major differences between the two systems for you. This is not a comprehensive overview of the two systems, but it will give you a solid foundation on the pros and cons of ducted air conditioning and split systems.

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So there you have it. Split v ducted system air conditioning systems and the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, it will depend on your home, your needs and your budget when selecting a system. There are also factors like location, building layout and accessibility that should also be considered. These factors will all be taken into account before the quote and installation process. As always, ensure that the contractor you choose is arcTick certified and is a warranty agent for the brand of system being installed.

You can always contact our helpful air conditioning experts for some guidance on the system that is best for your home and your family.