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Solar Powering the Central Coast

Electricity prices continue to rise across Australia, so there’s no better time to begin harnessing the power of the sun. Do you want to lower your energy bills? Twin Lakes Air + Solar is a trusted, local solar Central Coast provider with the skills and expertise to install, service and repair all types of solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters. We only use industry leading brands like SMA, Fronius and Alpha-ESS.

Many solar companies come and go, but Twin Lakes Air + Solar has been around for over 20+ years with a wealth of experience in providing high quality solar panel installations and solar battery storage for residential and commercial properties.

We help our customers to understand their individual needs and how solar can best assist them in lowering power bills and move towards a more sustainable future.

Our Solar Solutions

Solar Power Solutions

TLA+S offer a high quality range of products to help you start reducing your annual energy bills. We offer competitive pricing with a workmanship guarantee on every installation.

Solar Battery Solutions

TLA+ S offer quality solar battery solutions to new and existing homes. The battery systems we supply and install will help you on the path to being more energy sustainable and efficient.

How much could you save annually?

These figures are based on a consumption of 70% of the energy being produced absorbed by your solar power system.

$ 1
2 kW System
$ 1
5 kW System
$ 1
3 kW System
$ 1
10 kW System

Solar Packages

Small 5kW

Small Home

5kW Inverter

Workmanship Warranty

Medium 6.6kW

Medium Home

5kW Inverter

Workmanship Warranty

Large 10kW

Large Family Home

10kW Inverter

Workmanship Warranty


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How Solar Works

diagram explaining how solar energy is converted

1. Converting Energy

Solar panels capture the sun's energy converting it to electricity.

2. Changing Electricity

A control device converts this electricity so it can be used on electrical items.

3. Breakers

Electricity travels through breakers for safety.

4. Appliances On

Items like refrigerators and lights are powered by this electricity.

Solar Central Coast

Why Choose Twin Lakes Air + Solar?

Quality Workmanship

All of our products are installed by skilled and experienced technicians.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are affordable and competitive.

Licensed & Insured

All of our employees and products are licensed and insured.

Locally Owned

Our local team is always on-hand to help.