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Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are very popular with existing homeowners. They are a great solution for small rooms and spaces. Moreover, split systems are easily installed. These systems are a cost-effective solution for cooling and heating. Split systems consist of two units. One unit is located inside the home. The other unit is placed outside the home. This is where the term ‘split’ comes from.

We supply and install industry leading split systems. Our brands include: Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic and Temperzone. Our technicians are able to work with all leading brands.

Twin Lakes Air + Solar has installed thousands of split system units. We have happy customers all over the Central Coast and surrounding areas. All of our split AC installations are covered by warranty. Additionally, we provide a workmanship guarantee on all jobs completed. 

Split Systems Overview

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Split systems are most commonly wall mounted units and used to regulate temperatures in individual areas and rooms.

Split system air conditioners have a number of different names. People often refer to them as split systems, wall hung units or multi-head systems. Unlike ducted systems, they are much smaller and a great solution for heating and cooling single areas. In particular, areas like bedrooms, lounge rooms and home offices. 

Multi-zone systems can be installed, which are connected by piping rather than ducts. These systems require small modifications to the area being installed. In most cases, this is simply a hole in the wall for the piping.

Wall Mounted Unit

Split Systems are installed high up on the wall to ensure the cool air is distributed efficiently throughout the space.

No Ductwork

Split system units do not require ductwork, which means lower cost and faster installations.

Fast Installation

Most single split system units can be installed and up and running within a day.

Cooling & Heating

Most split systems are reverse-cycle, which means they can cool and heat rooms and spaces.


Benefits of Split Systems

Here are some of the key benefits of split system air conditioners.

Quick Installation

A split system AC is easy to install. These units are generally up-and-running within 3-6 hours.


Split system air conditioners a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling rooms and sections of the home.

Easy Maintenance

The Twin Lakes Air + Solar service team are always on hand to deal with any issue. Split systems can be fixed quickly.

Climate Control

A perfect solution for heating and cooling individual rooms. Split system air conditioners are also remote operated - perfect for controlling temperatures easily.

Air Quality

A split system AC has filters that regulate humidity and dust, helping to rid the air of impurities and ensuring great air quality in your home.

Split System Services We Offer

Our full suite of split system air conditioning Central Coast services.


We supply leading brands of split system air conditioners


We have installed thousands of split systems.


We repair broken down air conditioning units.

Service & Maintenance

We have a large service team ready to service your AC.

Why Choose Twin Lakes Air + Solar?

Manufacturer Warranty

All our units come with a manufacturer warranty!

Fully Licensed Technicians

Our team is licensed and highly skilled!

20+ Years Experience

We have been installing on the Central Coast since 1999.

Brands We Supply

We also work with other industry leading brands. Just ask our team!