Air Conditioning Maintenance Central Coast

Air conditioning systems have many parts. They can function for long periods of time. However, these parts run down from constant use. So it is important to have units attended to by licensed technicians. This must be done regularly

A part breaking down can lead to problems down the line. It may even cause the system to stop working. If this happens, it is expensive to repair. Breakdowns often occur over peak seasons. Summer and winter in particular. Repairs during these seasons is not ideal. So, regular air conditioning maintenance is essential. It helps to keep long term running costs low. And also keeps your system functioning at the best levels. Twin Lakes Air + Solar is proud to offer air conditioning maintenance Central Coast residents can rely on.

man repairing air conditioner with tools

What Does Your Maintenance Include?

Filters Cleaned

Regular cleaning of the filters will ensure optimal efficiency and energy consumption. 

Gas Pressure Checked

Leaks are common on older units. We check gas pressures during the maintenance to ensure the unit and system are operating as efficient as possible.

Coil Temperature Checked

Coils play a key role in helping the thermostat sensor determine temperature.  Coils and thermostat are checked to ensure they are in-sync.

Indoor Drain Checked

Mould and algae can build up in drain lines due to moisture levels. Drains are cleaned to remove the build up of harmful contaminants.

Battery Replacement

The batteries are replaced in your A/C remote and assist with remote controller operation for the indoor units – answering any questions you may have.

Wiring Checked

Wiring is checked in the unit to ensure that it is receiving the needed power supply to keep your home at comfortable temperatures during peaks.

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