Solar Battery Storage

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Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is becoming increasingly popular around the Central Coast and Australia. Energy storage is seen as the future in Australia and homeowners are turning to solar battery storage in increasing numbers to fulfil their energy needs. Put simply, solar batteries store the excess energy produced by solar panels, therefore, ensuring the energy can be used later as needed.

There are number of benefits that solar batteries provide. The most appealing benefit is lowering energy bills. The energy stored is often re-used during peak periods. This can save thousands on electricity bills over the lifetime of a battery. Batteries also lower the carbon footprint of households and help to protect homes from blackouts and grid outages.

As the technology has improved, so have the prices of batteries. The current solar battery systems offer cost-effective solutions for solar storage. They also include features such as monitoring solar input and output.

Twin Lakes Air + Solar offer quality products installed by professional and licensed technicians. Our industry leading products like SMA, Fronius and Alpha-Ess are all great solutions for solar storage with extensive manufacturer warranties. 


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How much do solar batteries cost?

Solar battery storage systems can start from $5k, depending on the system set up, capacity, retailer and brand.

Although solar batteries do have a large up-front cost it is worth considering the possible long term cost-benefits. You can discuss your current energy bills with our solar experts to see how much you can potentially save.

How much energy could I store?

This is dependent on the size of your system. A popular choice among our customers is the 10kW battery, but your family size and needs will determine the appropriate size.

Multiple batteries are also an option if you wish to live as ‘off-the-gride’ as possible. Talk to one of our experts about multiple solar battery solutions.

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What is the life expectancy of a battery?

Most brands are under warranty for 10 years. For most batteries, an expected life duration is 15-20 years or more. Things like the battery usage, type of battery and operating temperature will all have an impact on the lifetime of a battery.

Good maintenance and monitoring can also prolong the life expectancy of a battery.


Already Have A Solar System? It's Easy To Add A Battery


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Site inspections help us to understand your needs and the system needed. We can inspect your current system and advise on options for battery storage.



Our solar experts will provide a customised quote for your home. This may include panel/inverter upgrades alongside the battery installation.



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