5 Troubleshooting Tips For Air Conditioners

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Sometimes electrical storms or power surges can cause your air conditioner to go into fault or blow room temperature air. Please try the following prior to booking in for a Service Call, as this may not only rectify the issue but also save you an unnecessary expense for us to attend the site to investigate.

1. Hard Reset

Go to your meter box, you should see a circuit breaker switch marked ‘A/C’ for air con.

Turn it off for 30 mins.

Go back out to the meter box after 30 mins turn it back on then try and run your air conditioner and see if this fixes the problem.

2. Change Batteries In Your Remote Controller

Replace the batteries in your remote controller with reputable brand of batteries, eg. Energizer.

Cheap older batteries may not be strong enough to actually communicate to the receiver board located within the indoor unit.

3. Clean Your Filters

Air conditioning filters help to maintain clean air throughout the home. If air filters are dirty, they may lead to the unit working harder than it should to continue the flow of cool air throughout the home. You can find our guide to cleaning air filters here.

4. Check The Correct Mode Is Set

You would be amazed how many times our technicians are called out to inspect an air conditioner only blowing warm air, just to find out the mode of the air conditioner is set to heat. Double-check the settings are correct on your manual. You can also find setting guides for major brands on their website. Here are a few for your reference: Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric & Fujitsu.

5. Close All Windows & Doors

If there are water drops or condensation coming from the louvres (horizontal slats on the unit) or ceiling vents then you may need to close your windows and doors. The condensation build up can become particularly apparent during humid weather. So if you do see condensation on the unit – make sure all windows and doors have been completely closed in your home.

Note: Dirty filters can also cause condensation issues. Refer to the section above for information and a link to our cleaning your air conditioner guide.

If all of these troubleshooting tips have not corrected the issue with your unit, then you will need to book a service request with us.