Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric Installations

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are industry leading products in efficient and reliable air conditioning systems. Their systems are designed for heating and cooling small to medium sized homes. 

Twin Lakes Air + Solar is a Mitsubishi Electric diamond dealer. This means that our staff are trained in selecting the perfect air conditioning system for your home. This includes selecting the correct split system or ducted system air conditioner and the correct installation methods for those Mitsubishi Electric products.

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Mitsubishi Electric Split System

Mitsubishi Electric split systems are the perfect solution for heating and cooling homes. Their systems are disgned for optimum performance against the harsh Australian climate. They are a great efficient and affordable air conditioning solution for all homes.

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Why Choose A Mitsubishi Electric Split System?

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems use state-of-the-art features to improve efficiency and comfort. Mitsubishi Electric has been an industry leader for many decades and continues to offer quality systems at affordable prices.



Mitsubishi Electric Ducted System

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are a great solution for whole home climate control.

Why Choose A Mitsubishi Electric Ducted System?

Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems are the perfect solution for touch of a button climate control. Mitsubishi ducted systems use advanced control technology to heat and cool entire homes. They are a leader in the HVAC industry and continue to offer quality and affordable heating and cooling solutions.


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Mitsubishi Electric Systems

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are the affordable solution for single room cooling and heating. They can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended.

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for whole house climate control. Design contriaints on homes can limit ducted system installations.

Multi Systems

Multi systems are a great option for heating and cooling more than one area of a home or business.